How big people over 250 lb can lose weight cycling by choosing the right strong bike, a comfy saddle, and discovering how much fun it is to get out and ride.

For many people weighing over 250 lb, exercise seems too hard. Joints ache like crazy if you try to run or jog and you get short of breath climbing a flight of stairs, let alone picking up the pace on a treadmill or attempting to use an indoor rower. But there is one form of exercise that is gentle on the joints and a whole lot of fun.

This article offers tips on losing weight cycling, even if you think you are too big or too fat.

Solid Bikes for Big People

One of the biggest reasons many big people don’t consider cycling as a form of exercise is finding a suitable bicycle. Extra weight means you need a different kind of bike, a strong frame, wheels, and pedals to cope with additional weight.

Solid bikes for big people can be standard model bikes with upgraded parts like bigger wheels and wider tires. They can be custom-built or found at a specialty bike retailer like Super Sized Cycles who makes cruiser-style bikes in various styles, including tricycles, for people weighing up to 550 pounds. 

Calories Burned Cycling

The number of calories burned cycling depends on a person’s weight, their body metabolism, and the speed or intensity of the cycling workout, but on average, a 200 lb person cycling at a leisurely pace under ten mph for 60 minutes can expect to burn around 370 calories, according to

The 60 minutes might seem like a long time, but when cycling outdoors in the fresh air, once you find a gentle route, preferably with plenty of beautiful scenery or things to see along the way, time can fly by when you’re having fun getting around under your own steam.

Comfortable Bike Saddle

If you’re going to persevere with cycling, you need a comfortable bike saddle suited to someone with a larger-than-average butt. It needs to be the right size and shape for your sit bones and, as everyone’s anatomy is different, sit on the edge of a step to feel where your sit bones rest; this is where your butt needs to rest on the saddle.

An oversized wide saddle will be best; for others, a gel-filled model may be better. Other people may prefer a more radical design like a noseless bicycle saddle, which looks more like a flat seat as it doesn’t have the long pointed section at the front. Or even consider a bike seat with a backrest suitable for supporting a weak back while losing weight cycling.

Tips for Weight Loss Cycling

The following tips may help with your weight loss program when cycling:

  • If gentle cycling puts too much strain on your heart and lungs, consider an electric bicycle and use battery power to help small gradients.
  • Buy a pannier for your bike and try to cycle every day to the local shop for groceries.
  • Buy a heart rate monitor to check how hard you are working when cycling; many models also have calorie counters so you can see how many calories you have burned on each ride.
  • Put a weekly date in the diary for a group ride with friends, neighbors, or relatives; the more people in the group, the greater the fun.

Once you get used to regular rides with a group of friends, exercise won’t feel like a chore, and you will have new levels of energy to maintain your motivation for your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss is Fun on a Bike

If you are over 250 lb and serious about losing weight, buy a strong bike with a comfortable saddle and discover the joy of cycling in the great outdoors. Once you get the bug for cycling, you will hopefully become addicted, and weight loss becomes fun rather than a constant battle.


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