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Welcome to the home of Cycling and mountain biking.

Everything to do with that marvelous invention, the bicycle, can be found here.

We have articles on the latest bike gear, from clipless pedals to women’s specific bikes; suggestions for great biking destinations like Morocco and New Zealand; tips on bike maintenance and stretching exercises for cyclistsgift ideas, “how-to” articles on Best Cycle Route Ideas. Family Cycling, Yarmouth to FreshwaterBicycle Safety Tips, and so much more.

Whether you are a downhill mountain bike nut or a recreational weekend rider, a road cyclist, or a cycle-to-work commuter, we aim to entertain and inform.

Bicycle Training

Whether you’re aiming to get fitter, stretch out properly after a ride, or prepare to ride a staging of the Tour de France, the bicycle training section has something for you.

Learn why yoga is such a great complement to cycling for pre and post stretching.

Sick of riding in cold, wet weather? Find out How to Choose the Best Indoor Cycle Trainer