The British Unicycle Convention is an annual event that gives unicyclists worldwide the chance to gather together for a weekend of fun.

The British Unicycle Convention

The BUC consists of an entire weekend devoted to unicycling. There are workshops for everyone from absolute beginners to experts, teaching how to ride a unicycle and do unicycle tricks and stunts. There are also freestyle competitions for individuals, pairs, and groups.

For those who need a small break from unicycling, there are other activities that experts provide brought in specifically for the weekend, such as African drumming, trapeze, samba drumming, didgeridoo playing, writing limericks, and learning circus skills.

The activities offered are not just restricted to the daytime. During the evening entertainment is provided which is suitable for the whole family.

Many of those conventions stay over for the whole weekend, either camping outdoors, sleeping inside the venue, or staying in nearby accommodation. Food is usually provided for the entire weekend at a subsidized cost.

The convention is always held at a venue with a large hall or gymnasium for the workshops, sufficient outdoor space for ‘trials’ and ‘speed competitions. 

And there is usually the opportunity for riders to try going on a unicycle ride, an outdoor group unicycle ride (similar to mountain-biking but only on one wheel!).

What are Unicycle Trials?

Unicycle trials are a series of obstacles that are built specifically for unicycles. The block could be a see-saw that has to be ridden over, or a series of wooden steps to be jumped up (on a unicycle), or even a skinny pipe that has to be ridden across an expanse of water.

The trials are judged to confirm that riders have completed each obstacle, and eventually, an overall winner is selected from the riders.

What are Speed Trials?

Speed trials consist of several unicycle riders racing each other over identical obstacle courses and then racing back to the start. After several speed trials have taken place, the overall fastest rider is selected.

Highlights of the British Unicycle Convention

One of the highlights of the British Unicycle Convention is the ‘special guest.’ It is an expert unicyclist who gives a performance demonstrating their skills and prowess. During the BUC 2010, the special guest was Matt Sinclair, an American unicyclist who placed first in the expert freestyle competition at the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention 2009. His performance was breathtaking as he performed seemingly impossible feats on his unicycle.

Another highlight of the weekend is the unicycle hockey competition, where several teams compete against each other. Unicycle hockey has the same rules as ice hockey, but instead of being on the ice, the entire team is riding unicycles.

For further information, see the Union of UK Unicyclists website.

The BUC is the biggest unicycle event in the UK and is not to be missed!


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